last week a friend was asking me about running and telling me i was her inspiration… which is hilariously ironic because a) i hated running until last year b) the longest race ive ever run is a 10k c) since last month ive probably run less than 5 times. regardless, her flattery + binge drinking march madness behind me i’m getting back on the healthy living wagon and i thought id share some of what i told her.

things ive learned about running, being healthy & weight loss (age 25):

  • the cheesiest but most true thing i’ve  learned: you never regret a run. i’ve never gotten home/ off a treadmill and thought ‘yeah i wish i didnt do that.’
  • the faster you can shift your mindset to  'i get to exercise. it’s a privilege and a treat.' the better. and it is true! there are people who [for a multitude of reasons] arent healthy enough to exercise that would kill you to be in your gym shoes!
  • you dont need to join a gym to run. this was one of my initial reasons for attempting to run… joke is on me i ended up buying a treadmill (i dont regret it! treadmill time means i can justify some of the hours i spend in front of mind numbing television)
  • sign up for a race. firstly, it will keep you on track but more importantly, running a race will restore your faith in society. you will get beat by an 11 year old and a dachshund (this really happened to me…) but you will still enjoy it.

additional thoughts:

  • running/ any working out is good for toning and mindset and feeling good but if you want to lose weight, youve got to eat less. i wish it werent true but it 100% is: you get abs in the kitchen.
  • will power is a muscle. use it and it gets stronger, dont and it goes to shit.
  • runners have better sex. or so i hear.

and now i will hop off my soap box of unsolicited advice and attempt to move more and eat less in the coming weeks.

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