Found in my desk drawer!

Found in my desk drawer!

(i keep having fleeting but intense fears about ebola reaching me in mexico.)

the busiest month of my professional career to date has ended. (17 court appearances/hearings/mediations! ok, don’t laugh PDs/prosecutors! that’s a lot for baby lawyers in the private sector!). i have no court and no appointments this afternoon or tomorrow. i’ve got some minor stuff to wrap up friday but…

see ya soon, mexico!

p.s. dear cases, don’t blow up while i’m gone.


I’m not sure if this is already old news but you should all listen IMMEDIATELY if you haven’t already because it’s been on repeat for me for the past week.

(YES Lili! My anthem!)

The Only Job With an Industry Devoted to Helping People Quit


Presented without comment.

went to lunch with my lawyer ladies today. we talked about this.


French Quarter decorations #snowballtree


French Quarter decorations #snowballtree

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i’ve been known to use a phrase a little more eloquent than “dick is abundant & low value” but it’s not nearly as true or effective.

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adulthood is stopping on the way to court to buy a lint roller because you’ve realized too late that you’re covered in dog hair

It’s 60 degrees and I just got gas for $3.14. I love you, fake fall.

reebok has got to be ecstatic that these are their podium girls.

reebok has got to be ecstatic that these are their podium girls.

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my crossfit gym celebrates the end of games season with a cereal eating contest.

agony ensues.

i’m signed up for 4 sessions of adult gymnastics.

i’m struggling with why it feels so ridiculous when people take yoga and barre and spin daily? (and pay more for it than this will cost)

regardless, get ready because i’m banking on being a handstand walk master with a standing back tuck by next month. that’s realistic, right?

Writing is a bit like inflating a vast oxygen tent contained by a thin filmy membrane. Each time I write I have to breathe life into this, slowly blowing it larger and larger, making it more and more substantial, giving it shape. The sound of anyone’s voice, an approaching step, arrests me. I waver, and the whole filmy construct trembles, shudders, and then deflates, sliding into nothingness. It’s gone.

Roxana Robinson on the writer’s need for solitude. (via millionsmillions)

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